A Smorgasbord of Substitutions

Who doesn’t like a cupcake? But this is no ordinary dessert — it’s meatloaf with mashed potatoes for icing.

This is a bit of a prank, but substitution is one of the most powerful ways to make a shift from not-so-healthy choices to healthy ones. Check out Greatist’s List of 89 Simple Swaps That Could Change Your Life. As always with these big collections, don’t treat it like a to-do list! It’s just plenty of good ideas, so anyone can find a few good tips that work for them, no matter what their weaknesses or triggers or learning style.

The first section , “Fitness”, is exercise-oriented, and the second section, “Health”, is mainly about food. The third section, “Happiness”, contains mindset, stress-busting, and productivity tips. Take a look and see which swaps are the easiest to tuck into your day!

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