Fun or Exercise?


Fun or Exercise?

Whenever people ask me where to start with getting more exercise, I reply, “What sounds fun?” Partly this is a personal bias — I think exercise is fun, and I know that’s a big part of why I am so consistent with it. Plus, who doesn’t like having fun?

But there may be yet another reason to put some fun into your workout: just approaching it that way can help you eat less.

Those thinking they taken an exercise walk ate 206 more calories of M&Ms, which was over twice as much – 124% more – than those who had been told they were on a scenic walk. “Viewing their walk as exercise led them to be less happy and more fatigued,” says lead author, Carolina Werle, professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management in France.

(I wonder if the “exercise walk” group also felt like they were “owed” more M&Ms than the group that was thinking about the scenery?)

Are you trying to improve your eating habits at the same time you are trying to add more exercise into your life? It can be tough to do both at once, but looking for fun ways to exercise may make it easier.

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