Why Athletes Love to Sleep — and So Should You

Why Athletes Love to Sleep

You can have a perfect eating pattern, a flawless exercise regimen, and still be unhappy, moody, and struggling with your performance if you’re sleeping too little. (See the whole infographic at Fatigue Science.)

And yet many of us make every excuse for not getting enough sleep. OK, so most of us are not Olympic athletes or on professional sports teams. We’re still putting our health (and our waistlines) at risk when we’re sleep-deprived.

Sleep is when:
— we recover from the exertions of the day
— our bodies repair and build up muscles we worked on in exercise
— our bodies maintain regulation of blood sugar
— our bodies regulate hormone levels, like testosterone
— we consolidate memories

People who get regular, restful sleep have better immune systems, a better energy level, better reaction times, better memory, fewer injuries, and often better mood. There’s every reason to get enough!

Having trouble winding down? WebMD has a nice list of tips that can help — swing through and pick off a couple to try.

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